Eupharm PHC is a pharmaceutical company that is actively developing business in areas of oncology, haematology, psychiatry, dermatology, urology, infectious diseases, nephrology, orthopaedics, paediatrics and rare diseases.

Our work is based on a highly professional, ethical and transparent business model.

Activities of our company are directed towards promotion of innovative & generic medicines, medical devices and food supplements in line with local and international rules and standards based on which biggest pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the World, members of European pharmaceutical federation (EFPIA) conduct their business. This altogether distinguishes Eupharm PHC as reliable partner in the Serbian market.

Experienced and highly educated company team of managers and medical representatives is fully dedicated to its present and future partners, health care professionals and their associates, as well as to the end users of our services.

Eupharm PHC team is inspired by the quality of products that promotes and possibility of providing adequate treatment and improvement of the quality of life of Serbian citizens.



Our work is directed towards maintenance and health improvement of Serbian citizens.

Our relationships with each societal segment are transparent and maintain high standards that we strive upon.

We have responsibilities to our partners, users of the products that we promote, our company employees and their families, as well as to environment in which we live in, through constant endeavour of recognizing their key needs.

Integrity, creativity, diversity, teamwork and transparency are an integral part of our daily work. We created an environment full of mutual respect, motivation and teamwork. We strive to reward devotion to work and accomplished results as well as to understand needs of our employees and their families.


Our vision is to become one of the leading partners for pharmaceutical companies that demand highest degrees of professional, responsible and ethical business.

With professional ethical and transparent promotion of pharmaceutical products, our mission is to help with preservation and improvement of health of Serbian citizens.

Eupharm d.o.o. Bilećka 37, 11000 Belgrade   Tel:/Fax: +381 (0) 11 405 23 85   Web: www.eupharm.com